Do you still want me?

I despise myselfwhat about youI’m very hard to lovemaybe you should leave me too. I am not specialso please don’t praise me like thator else I’ll fall in lovewith myself all over again. How do you not see these scarsand this imperfect flesh?Why would anyone love mewhen I'm an ugly mess? I am not a … Continue reading Do you still want me?

Self-inflicted war

The most damaging wars are the ones we fight with ourselves. When our mind transforms into a battlefield and our heart becomes a no-go zone. It's like we're torn between shooting emotions, bombarded with sentiments. We're ripped between reasons, opinions, and facts. And that is the moment where we lose all sense of what is … Continue reading Self-inflicted war

The art of confusion

Sometimes I think I'm dumb, but then I have to remind myself that I'm a student majoring in biochemistry. To say that I've received all A's would be a lie. I've failed countless times but here I am trying to write a paper on Carl Schmitt. I know, this has nothing to do with biochemistry, … Continue reading The art of confusion