But tell me, have you found God?

You’ve lightened up candles in churchesand knocked on temple doorsyou lowered your head in a mosqueand cried on synagogue floors You sat on prayer matsand on benches made of woodyou cried day and nightand did you everything you could You voyaged to Mecca and Medinaand knelt on the groundyou took a bath in gangabut tell … Continue reading But tell me, have you found God?

A hurt/love letter

How do I unlearn to love you?How do I unlearn to live with you?How can you so easily break all those promises you promised you would keep?Maybe time wasn't in our favor.Maybe love wasn't supposed to win.Maybe our happily–ever–after lost itself somewhere in our fights, somewhere in our desires to be more than what we … Continue reading A hurt/love letter

The battle of righteousness!

I sat on the groundwith my broken piecesshattered around.Blood was dripping from the skyand Allah was watching me cry.Tears were slowly streamingand the winds were screaming.The mountain I was trying to climbto reach the heavens of desire and lovebroke into pieces and I fell from above. I hit myself so hard that I couldn't feel … Continue reading The battle of righteousness!