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Immigrants are animals!

Immigrants are animals!


Thank you for that Mr. Trump but can you be a little more specific, like what type of animals? I prefer being a tiger, or maybe a falcon. An eagle will do. Just out of curiosity what type of immigrant is your wife?

Oh, wait you meant illegal immigrants.


Interesting. Can you please describe how legally your ancestors came into this land? Yeah probably knocked on people’s huts and asked to enter. Or perhaps they sent birds over the Atlantic Ocean, indicating that they were coming on huge ships with glitter and other sparkly happy things. Yeah, that makes more sense.

“They’re bringing in drugs,” yeah please do tell me more. Is the CIA also considered Mexican, since they’ve bought in drugs as well? (Not my words- read this).

“I think Islam hates us,” first of all yes. Yes! We do- but I can’t speak on behalf of the 1.8 billion Muslims. Second of all, I think as Americans everyone hates us.

“The U.K. has a massive Muslim problem.” Hmm how about we built concentration camps, and throw them all in there. Maybe gas them, oh wait we’re already doing that. How about throwing them into ships, tying them to shackles and taking them to another island where they can be slaves, oh wait that’s done too. How about killing them- no that’s done too.

How about sending them to space that’ll solve, “the Muslim problem and the Mexican problem,” because these issues are a threat to the world. Mexicans, Muslims, blacks and any other minorities. An international crisis.

 Yes! President Trump, you are absolutely right, my beef samosas and my Mexican friends’ empanadas will kill you because they’re so damn delicious. But just out of curiosity have you ever tried tacos. How about Briyani?

Okay! Since this issue is solved can we now focus on the less important issues like education, health care, gun control, black lives matter, the Palestine crises, nuclear warfare? Syria. Global warming. Basic human rights and actual immigration that doesn’t involve race and religion.

Maybe if we stopped arguing, fighting and playing the blame game, the world would be a much better place.

Photo by Public Domain Photography from Pexels