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I’m not in your place

I’m sorry that the world isn’t fair
And we as humans are a disgrace
I’m sorry that you lost your life
because of someone else’s hate
I’m sorry that the world doesn’t care
When you were dying inside
I’m sorry about the monsters
We’re all trying to hide
I’m sorry about the attack
I know you’re very hurt
And deep inside you’re aching
I’m sorry I couldn’t save you
When the whole world was breaking
I’m sorry that you’re scared
And I can’t do anything to help you
I’m sorry that I’m safe and sound
While you can’t even make it through
I’m sorry about everything
About those bodies falling to the floor
I’m sorry about being so selfish
And closing all my doors
I’m sorry about this unfairness
About these bans, walls,
and destroying all your dreams
I’m sorry for not listening
When you tried so hard to scream
I’m sorry for being sorry
Because I know loved ones can’t be replaced
I’m sorry for sealing my lips, my eyes and my ears
Because I’m not in your place


I’ve created a grave on my own
With misery piling above my soul
Up above somewhere the sun is shining
But beneath this debris, my hope is dying

Why drown yourself in despair and guilt
When this grave is something you had built
Falling and rising is in your hands
So rip through this debris and try once again