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Lost path

I am a path seeking an unattainable haven
A refugee looking for a glimpse of peace,
On an island plagued with death
I am the first ray of dawn
That soldiers see after the end of every war
I am a wanderer of a lost craven,
Aching for a sight of shore

But the only thing I see are waves of pain
Drowning, mixing with the aimless waters of rain
The high winds are wrestling with the tides
The islands are bleeding and the sky is aching to cry

Everything is in chaos
Where should I go
I hear the thunders
I’ve lost my way home

Where is my direction
I don’t know this sea,
I can’t go on
Just come and save me

Thank you for your insults!

If you know I see dreams higher
than the sapphire alluring sky,
then why do you dig my grave
in your atrocious mind.

Stop tying me to these wounds
I’ll pull through all this pain.
Your hatred only gives me strength
to break free from these chains.

My flight has yet not left,
I’m dwelling my own demons,
the ones you planted in my desire
to keep me from my freedom

You’ve always pressed me down;
your laughs still echo in my ear.
They haunt me day and night
but remind me why I am still here

All your taunts trapped me
behind thick rusty bars of terror,
each day I would close my windows
wishing you could become better.

But I failed to realize that in me,
there’s a beauty you don’t see.
I’m elevating into victory,
where your harsh words won’t destroy me.

But now I’ve broken all those barriers,
the ones shackled in your disgust.
It was you who led me to this victory,
So, thank you for your insults.

To my unborn daughter:

To my unborn daughter:

Never shall I tell you
That you belong beneath someone else’s ego

Never shall I tell you
That your worth is lesser than any other person’s

Never shall I tell you
That you are not capable to dream for yourself

Never shall I tell you
That you are comparable to the beings around you

Never shall I tell you
That you should mend your ways to impress a cruel world

Never shall I tell you
That you should give up your desires to gain someone else’s approval

Never shall I tell you
What you should and what you shouldn’t be

Never shall I tell you
That you need to follow trends to fit in, buy brands to be loved.
Layer yourself with makeup to be accepted

Never shall I tell you
To listen to the voices of others because you have your own opinions to voice

Never shall I tell you
That you are weak because out of all possibilities, you fought to exist

Never shall I tell you
That you should stay in a home that degrades your value

Never shall I tell you
That you need to compromise your worth for someone, or something else

Never shall I tell you
That the path you will take will be easy because it won’t

Never shall I tell you
that you are not ready

But I will tell you, my love,
Each and every day
That you are a gem for me
That you are beautiful inside out
You are smart, brave and courageous.

I will tell you
with tears spilling down my cheeks
That the world is unkind, unjust, and cruel.
I will tell you with a lump in my throat
That the world will break you every chance it gets.
I will tell you with an embrace, that those closest to you
will take advantage of your kindness.
I will tell you with my hands shaking,
That you won’t be rewarded for your hard work
and you will be made fun of.

My child, my love
I will tell you again and again
That you will fall,
you will crash
and you will burn
you will stand
You will rise
and you will reform
And at the end
When you’ve reached those mountains
And when you’ve crossed those seas
You will wipe away my tears
And you will tell me, with a smile,
“Look I’ve made it.”

I am not guilty

I am not guilty
Listen to my pleads
My words are my witness
Won’t you trust me please?

I know my case isn’t strong
And I have no proof
If I could rip my heart open
I would do it
Just to show you the truth

Eyes can be deceiving
And words can tell lies
You’re listening to their words
Yet you don’t hear my cries

Maybe you’ll realize
When the time has gone
That I wasn’t guilty
I was just trapped
When I hadn’t done anything wrong

This prison doesn’t mock me
It’s the tearing thought inside
You were supposed to trust me
When no one else was by my side.

These walls I’m trapped in
don’t bother me at all
But it hurts knowing
That the person
who was supposed to help me rise
Was the first to make me fall.

Being Pigmented

Come to the side
You look like a threat
Let me decide
You’re pigmented
That’s not your line
Come stand here, darling
So, I could pin you to a crime
You’re too colored
Maybe if you were a little more light
I would let you pass
So you could take this flight
But your name is odd
so is the color on your skin
we can’t let you leave
and neither can we let you in
Follow me
As I use code names
Out of all those people, you’re our new prey
let me take you to those empty chambers
and strip you of your pride
let me touch you all over
as you clench your teeth and close your eyes
let me break your ego
because your clothes are odd
and you can’t pronounce your ‘T’s and your ‘R’s
Hey, no hard feelings
We’re just doing our job
Thank you for your cooperation
And sorry for the scars
Maybe next time
you’ll stay
Where ever the hell you are.