My doubts

This imperfect body of yoursis nothing morethan just a host for your soulthere is an unseen beautydripping from withinso take the brush of self-loveand paint it all over your skinbecause you are the comfort of heavenand the ease of Edenin you lies a garden of solaceyou may not be the prettyyou’ve always craved to bebecause … Continue reading My doubts

Crying on bathroom floors

All that pain you’ve keptbeneath those hidden facesand all those tears you’ve criedon bathroom floors and pillow casesall those aches, wounds and insecuritiesyou’ve been carrying for a whilegive them all to meso I could see you smile.I know you’re achingand you won’t ever breakbut the world is so cruel, my lovehow long will you take?Release … Continue reading Crying on bathroom floors

Do you still want me?

I despise myselfwhat about youI’m very hard to lovemaybe you should leave me too. I am not specialso please don’t praise me like thator else I’ll fall in lovewith myself all over again. How do you not see these scarsand this imperfect flesh?Why would anyone love mewhen I'm an ugly mess? I am not a … Continue reading Do you still want me?

The battle of righteousness!

I sat on the groundwith my broken piecesshattered around.Blood was dripping from the skyand Allah was watching me cry.Tears were slowly streamingand the winds were screaming.The mountain I was trying to climbto reach the heavens of desire and lovebroke into pieces and I fell from above. I hit myself so hard that I couldn't feel … Continue reading The battle of righteousness!