Dear God,

Dear God,
Why can’t you just give me what I’m asking for
this light you see in me is losing its spark.
Tell me, what am I supposed to do
why are you breaking me
when you’re supposed to pull me through?
I’m losing my faith and yet you don’t see
If you know I’m drowning
why don’t you come and rescue me?

Because my child,
There is so much you don’t know
the spark your reaching for
will burn your soul.
You’re asking me for fire,
but the flames are too much
they’ll burn through
you with one little touch.
You aren’t ready yet
I’m making you stronger
so when you rise you’ll stay there longer.
The water your drowning in
will keep you safe
your time will come
I just need you to be brave.

Poetry book: Curing My Venom
Barnes and noble

17 thoughts on “Dear God,

  1. Nice one. We all question God at somepoint or the other but whatever transpires in life has a purpose and reason. Staying positive is the only answer. Browse through my latest post ‘Hurt Fandom”, hope it makes sense as it was written after lot of gap (lost touch with writing lately).

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